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Keogh Homes has the “expert” at hand – Meet Terry Davies our specialist in traditional home building.

Keogh Homes takes pride in their building, from concept to finished masterpiece. We would only want you to have the best expect advise from the most experienced specialist in the field. Builder, Frank Keogh and Designer, Terry Davies, have both been in business for many of years working together building Keogh style homes. The two have built a very unique style, by researching Melbourne builders and recreating a higher standard of traditional custom built homes.

Terry Davies, is one of Melbourne’s foremost builders and designers of heritage-style new homes. Terry has taken the whole question of character much further than just traditional style building. He has transformed the modern with the contemporary style building to a new level. You can have a new custom built Victorian home with the entire modern perks. This is an artwork in it own right, Terry experiencing this with his own family with the build of their own home. Terry and his wife, Sharon, have built their own home with Keogh Homes, experiencing the building process that goes with every build. For this reason, Terry shares a common knowledge with you. Understanding what building a new home is all about and what needs to happen when building your own home. With Terry’s expertise in design, construction, sales and the overall process, he can provide a very diverse ray of knowledge so the building with Keogh Homes is smooth sailing.

Terry’s love for design has flowed through many homes to help the buyer build a style they each can enjoy and live in for many years to come. His love to design homes and in his association with Keogh Homes, he has come up with a string of Victorian, Edwardian and other styles of homes. Terry lives and breaths building homes making a statement to what he lives by; “Obviously the homes itself is the important thing, but if you want to live up to the description of being a quality builder you have to be prepared to do your homework”.

His experience in the building industries of over 50 years has seen that he knows what he is on about and he knows his stuff. From adding colonial features, to easy and accessible design layouts, Terry has seen it all. Keogh Homes is proud to have Terry and he is part of the family, he provides a special connection from builder to customer. Terry is not only a sales person who will provide sales advise but he will stay with you from start to finish, he is available at any time to help with your enquiries from any stage of your build. Terry will become part of your family as he has ours.

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  • Office : 03 9369 1033
  • Mobile : 0417 588 827
  • Fax : 03 9369 6505

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House and Land Package 6

For Sale
$515,000 - Residential

Packages available in Romsey, Vic. 3434 on  Benjamin Place.  Flat land 1303 m2 block house and land for $515000 excellent value…

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33 Sq 4 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms 2 Garages